Here is a selection of my photographs from last night’s dress rehearsal of the Canadian Opera Company’s 2016/17 “season opener,” Norma. You need to see and hear this production – it’s absolutely wonderful visually and aurally. I had to remind myself to make pictures. The entire cast is terrific, and Sondra Radvanovsky, as Norma, is simply amazing.

It also marks the debut of my editing MainStage images on a new iMac here at my new work space. The monitor on my previous iMac (2009 vintage) had bitten the bullet over a year ago, and the Dell monitor I’d hooked up to it simply wasn’t up to the task as far as colour accuracy was concerned. My MacBook Pro worked well as an alternative but I found the small screen hard on the eyes. The retina display is great, but it took my a while to realize that the default settings adjust brightness based on ambient light, which created all kinds of problems, as I was sure the images were better exposed than displayed. Now resolved.

Click on any image too see a larger version and/or a slideshow of the full set. And really, do go see this opera! [justified_image_grid prettyphoto_social=no prettyphoto_theme=dark_square lightbox=prettyphoto ng_gallery=19]

All images ©2016 Chris Hutcheson